Q & A


How does Pristine Bay Villas compare to other Caribbean Destinations Golf Course Lots?
A comparable lot in Mexico ($450,000 – $2,000,000); Barbados ($525,000 – $1,200,000); Bahamas ($1,000,000 – $20,000,000).
How does Pristine Bay compare to other properties on Roatan?
The Exclusive Canadian Product is less than any other of the major developments and is a far superior product both in terms of the included amenities and quality of construction.


What is the weather like in Roatan?
Roatan has a typical Caribbean tropical climate.  Prevailing trade winds keep the temperatures comfortable.
How hot does it get?
The median temperature is 80°F/27°C.  The monthly average temperature ranges from 75°F/24°C to 83°F/28°C.
Rainy season; when is it and how long does it last?
The rainy season lasts from mid-October to late November. Keep this in mind when planning your clothing. Items that dry easily when hung are best.
What about hurricanes?
The island is not in the direct path of most hurricanes, as they usually spin north before reaching Roatan. In addition, the second largest reef in the world shelters the North Shore of the Island.
What is the water temperature like?
Water temperature varies from 78°F/25°C in winter to 84°F/29°C in summer, and underwater visibility is typically 80 to 100 feet.


Where are hospitals and how accessible are doctors?
Pristine Bay has an on call physician.  There are two hospitals on the island, one public one private.  Both provide high quality care.  For critical care, there is a landing pad on-site helicopter service to a world class Hospital on the main land.
What kind of bugs/insects are on the island and how do I prevent bites?
Like much of the Caribbean there are biting insects on Roatan. Sand flies, “no see ums”, are present in the sand. They are very tiny so often you don’t feel them biting initially. The use of a bug repellent is highly recommended.


Is my purchase secure?
•    Kiplinger’s Finance and Islands.com rank Roatan the best place to retire worldwide. Security of ownership is their top criteria.
•    Clear title ownership.
•    100 Million Dollars has been invested into the community over the past four years.
•    All infrastructure and amenities complete.
•    Proven record of ownership internationally.


What’s my potential appreciation?
The “Pete Dye Factor”.  Business Week analysis shows track record of 268% appreciation over 5 years.


Is there a requirement for residency?
No.  Once you purchase your property residency can be established.


How safe is Roatan and Pristine Bay?
The Crime Rate per 10,000 people is less than 1/5 that of Canada.  In addition, Pristine Bay is a totally gated and monitored community.  Currently, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines bring over a million visitors to Roatan annually.


What is the language spoken on the island?
English is the official language spoken on Roatan.
The native working language is Spanish.  However, the staff at both Pristine Bay and most island tourist points is fluent in both languages.


What is the currency of Roatan?
The official currency is the Lempira (20 Lempira to the dollar).
American dollars are readily accepted throughout the island especially at tourist attractions and restaurants. Credit/Debit ATM cards are also accepted.